Passing string arrays to DLL (32 bit) 
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 Passing string arrays to DLL (32 bit)

We are trying to write an application in VB 4.0 (32 Bit) that can pass
an array of structures containing a string to a MSVC++ 4.0 DLL. When we
look at the result only the string in the 1st structure of the array
shows up. The rest looks like uninitialized memory. The DLL works if we
use a C program to pass the array of structures. Could it be that we
are using a String instead of Byte in VB?

Has anybody tried something similar & been sucessful. Any help would
be GREATLY appreciated

                        thanx in advance


'************************  VB Program *******************************

'String arrays should be passed as structure arrays to C
Type StructElem
    'strings passed to c should be fixed length
    StructOccur As String * 40
End Type

' Declare function in Dll
Declare Sub CStrArrayCat Lib

Private Sub cmdStrArrayCat_Click()

    Static structArray(4) As StructElem  ' create array of structures

    structArray(0).StructOccur = "abnc"         ' Init array
    structArray(1).StructOccur = "Testing"
    structArray(2).StructOccur = "today"

   'call c routine in DLL
    CStrArrayCat structArray(0)

End Sub

******************   C  DLL Program **************************

// C structure
typedef struct
        char szStructOccur[40];

} StringStructType;

// DLL function being passed the array of structures
__declspec( dllexport ) void CStrArrayCat(StringStructType

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