Global Shorcut key in VB4 Pro 32-bit 
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 Global Shorcut key in VB4 Pro 32-bit

I have an icon in the taskbar and I want to give it a shortcut key
(ex. F12, <Ctrl> + <Del>, etc.) so that no matter where you are in
Win95, when you press the key combo, it will be sent to my app,
whereby it will do something. I just want one combo, but I want it to
be user-definable.

For a better example of what the hell I'm talking about, take After
Dark. When it's running minimized, you can set up a quick activator
key that will start the screen saver.

Thanks for the help. E-mail me if posible.


Sun, 10 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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