**** Runtime Error 438 
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 **** Runtime Error 438

We are using VB4.0 to create a very large app. The group consists of 4
machines ... 1 machine consistently gets Error 438 after a compile. The error
however is not always in the same place... sometimes before the app starts ...
sometimes after a few screens ... sometimes near the end of the app. The other
3 machines do not have this problem with THE SAME SOURCE CODE.

I have tried all of the usual stuff that MS has listed in the KB's,
reinstalled both Windows and VB, even loaded everything on a new machine and
still the wandering 438's appear.

It is possible to get a clean app.... say for example, out of 8 compiles, 2
may work properly. The app works fine in design mode... no errors. Only
runtime 438's occur.

I'm grabbing at straws now to clear this up... any ideas no matter how off the
wall they may seem would be appreciated.


Mon, 20 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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