stretching Images in VB5 
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 stretching Images in VB5

The new control "Image" of the VB5 presents
any advantages ( loading of Jpg and gif files)
I developed a VB4' application that visualizes
the images in an "Image" control and manages the enlargement and the
shrinking of it
(zoom) through the Stretch property
of the same control.
In Vb4 the scrolling of the images modified (in big like
in small) is fluid like the original.
In vb5 the scrolling of the images in original format is normal
but the images modified by the stretch property are

The code is identical in Vb4 like in vb5.
Can someone help me ?
Riccardo Guirrini

Wed, 02 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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