access 97 and multiple field index 
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 access 97 and multiple field index

I have an app I'm working on in VB 6 using an Access database.  I have a table
in my database that needs to be keyed off of two fields. The first is a 10
character text field called lognum and the second is an integer field called
splitnum. The reason I need the multiple field keys is there can be multiple
split number (splitnum) records that correspond to the same log number
(lognum)......(.IE - lognum 0123456789, splitnum 1.....lognum 0123456789,
splitnum 2, etc).

Here's my problem:
Assume XLOGNUM holds the value of the LOGNUM field I'm seeking and XSPLITNUM
holds the value of the SPLITNUM field I'm seeking.

When I use [ "=", xlognum, xsplitnum]  it will not find my record
even tho it does exist. If I use [ ">=", xlognum] it moves to the
correct lognum record and the first splitnum record for that lognum.  

I can code around the direct seeking of the record by using the ">=" operator
and then moving to the next record until the proper splitnum is found, but it's
really a pain to have to do this. Does anyone else have this problem and/or
know why it's there?

I created the database using Visual Data Manager 6.0 that came with my Visual
Studio 6.0, and I have applied SP 3 to the entire studio.

Thanks in advance for anyones help.


Thu, 14 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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