Best Uninstall for vb4.0 32bit, free, no batch file 
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 Best Uninstall for vb4.0 32bit, free, no batch file

I finally got a better uninstall to work.  It is a registered link that gets
removed on uninstall.

in the vb4 32bit  subdir ...\setupkit\setup1
backup that dir.

open project setup1.vbp

in setup1.frm, in the load event

find the code

'*     If gstrAppExe <> "" Then  
'*        '
'*        'Create the main application icon or link
'*        '
'*       CreateOSLink frmSetup1, gsDest.strAppDir & gstrAppExe, "",
'*     End If  

paste this code in to replace it...  Watch the carriage returns on paste

     If gstrAppExe <> "" Then  
        'Create the main application icon or link
       CreateOSLink frmSetup1, gsDest.strAppDir & gstrAppExe, "", gstrAppName
       #If Win32 Then
       gstrResponse = MsgBox("Put a removal icon on the start menu?", vbYesNo
+ vbInformation + vbDefaultButton1, "Add Removal icon")
          If gstrResponse = vbYes Then    ' User chose Yes.
            CreateOSLink frmSetup1, gstrWinDir & "st4unst.exe", " -n " &
Chr(34) & gstrDestDir & "st4unst.log" & Chr(34), gstrAppName & " Remove"
          Else    ' User chose No.
          End If
       #End If
     End If

make exe, then run the setup wizzard for your 32bit program like you
always would..  the next time you run setup.exe it will use the new setup

this will give the user the option to add a icon in the start menu to
uninstall the software the correct way (like add/remove prpgrams).

See ya,


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Sat, 20 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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