Internet Transfer Control (SP2)- Causes Delay during Program Shutdown 
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 Internet Transfer Control (SP2)- Causes Delay during Program Shutdown

I've been successfully using the internet transfer control.  A new
program I am writing needed the SP2 fix, so I installed it on my
computer.  The control works fine, but now when I try to close the
original program, or to stop execution in the VB IDE in the current
program, there is a 30-60 second pause before the program closes.
In the MDI project, the child forms all close right away,  but not the
main parent.  I only get the pause if I've executed the code that uses

I've tried the inet.stillexecuting command before closing but it
returns false.  Am I missing the obvious??

P.S. when I go back and reregister the original msinet.ocx, the old
program works great again!  

Thanks for your help!

David Schwener

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Fri, 31 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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