resizing combo box during runtime 
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 resizing combo box during runtime

I am trying to resize a combo box when the user clicks on it.  The goal is
to only show part of the currently-selected data, until the user clicks on
the combo box, at which time the Width increases to show all the data for
each item in the list box.

When the user clicks on an item, the combo box is resized (the Width property)
back to the smaller size.

I change the Width property in the DropDown event, but changing this property
at runtime seems to close the combo box.  It then takes 3 clicks to select
another item out of the combo box.  If I remove the code from the DropDown
event, the combo box operates as I would expect it to.

It seems as though this code in the DropDown event is preventing the combo
box from dropping down.

Am I asking too much?  I tried some of the combo box SendMessage functions,
but they didn't work either.

Don Sayler
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Tue, 26 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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