WAV recording with API calls 
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 WAV recording with API calls

Apologies if this post is repeated, i did post a week ago but never got my
own message back from the server so assume it didnt get there.

Im looking for info (and preferably sample code !) that will enable me to
record to a WAV (or other codec !) file from the sound card line in.  I want
the thing to record, pause, resume etc and write the file when finished.
Im also looking for the ability to fast forward to exact locations in the
file (maybe sample numbers ?).
I understand that this is not possible with the MCI audio control so think i
will need API calls.  I have VB6 if it matters

Also, can any replies be forwarded to my email address as i dont think my
ISP gets all posts through to usenet


South Wales, UK
ICQ: 1556459
PGP key on request

Sat, 17 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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