!Excel/VB: why why why? 
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 !Excel/VB: why why why?

The snippet of code below writes some data into row A, cols 1-10.

The Excel workbook contains only one sheet which is empty.

After running the code, I open the workbook with excell BUT the workbook
is hidden and I first have to UNHIDE the damn thing. How do I fix it?

Any help will be most appreciated.


Private Sub Command3_Click()
  Dim appXLS As New Excel.Application
  Dim wbk As Excel.Workbook
  Dim wks As Worksheet

  Dim row As Long, col As Long, j As Long

  Set wbk = GetObject("c:\web\cgi-src\loader\vb_sample.xls")
  Set wks = wbk.Sheets(1)

  col = 1
  For row = 1 To 10
    wks.Cells(row, col).Value = row * 10


  MsgBox "Done"
End Sub

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