Tabbing through comboboxes in Excel 
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 Tabbing through comboboxes in Excel

Does anyone have any idea of how to tab through controls in an Excel

I've added a number of comboboxes to my Excel spreadsheet and am trying
to setup some type of tab order.  With Excel, though, you cannot use
the tabindex property (it doesn't exist) for comboboxes (only user
forms in Word).  I'm probably going to have to write some code
manually.  Also when I go into the VB code, the "tab order" option
under the VIEW menu is greyed out.

The combobox is laying on top of it's linked cell.  So when a user
tries to tab to the combobox, it just tabs to the next cell behind the

I've tried writing some VB code that says something to this effect:

"If targetcell=f15 then Combobox0 get.focus"

But that didn't work.  Any ideas where I can get code to do this?

Paul R. Mesker
System Engineer
Dirigo Inc.

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Sun, 02 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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