Digital Camera Images into an Access database 
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 Digital Camera Images into an Access database

I am currently writing a database application in MS Access that requires
that I download and delete images from an Olympus CL800 digital camera. I
know that the application that comes with the camera was written in visual
basic. This application has a series of menus that visually walk you though
a download and deletion. What I need is to simplify or write an application
that opens the comm port downloads the images to a pre defined directory
then deletes the images off the camera.

The second part of the routine is to automate the upload of the JPG files
into an Access 97 table. The files are named pic00001.jpg to a possible
pic00120.jpg but not necissarily that many.The image names however are
strictly seqential.

any help would be appreciated and please send any replies to

Regards Undertaker

Mon, 28 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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