VB and VC++ dll performance w/in MTS 
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 VB and VC++ dll performance w/in MTS

Hello All,

It is my understanding that components added to MTS packages all run
as free threaded components using the MTS private instancing model,
not COM instancing (for which VB has been passed ridiculed).  I know
this is true with COM servers written in VB.  This would seem to show
that a recent apartment threading model descent, perhaps diseminated
by VC++ guys wanting to save face and employment, has no foundation in
fact.  This descent coming from some in the industry is no longer
concerning runtime code interpretation or use of in-proc servers or
function pointers, but of threading.  In the case of MTS components,
is not the MTS process handling the threads that instanciate
components for both VB and VC++ dlls in exactly the same way?  Surely
MTS is not looking at the pre-compiled language that wrote the COM and
handling client threads differently based on language?

Has anyone some examples of any performance differences between MTS
components written in VB 6 versus those written in VC++?  Requesting
hard data here, no subjective views or conjecture pls.



Charles Ferebee

Fri, 11 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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