MS Chart control and (fake) Gantt charts-Basic question 
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 MS Chart control and (fake) Gantt charts-Basic question

Hi, y'all:

I've just had to revive an old project I had made under VB 3.0 that used to
use Pinnacle's good-ol' Graph VBX control, which used to be included with
the professional version (this was a while back...) Most of my object/form
conversions to ActiveX work fine so far, except for one: the old Graph
control used to support Gantt charts, and the only comparable control,
besides MS Project's, that could reproduce those would be the MS Chart
control... for lack of a better tool, I know. (Someday I will use it, but I
need a quick and dirty fix for that right now). In the old version, I only
had to pass it two arrays, and the graph would come out fine.

I'm now tempted to use stacked bar charts as a substitute, but as far as I'm
aware, MS Chart does not support HORIZONTAL stacked bar graphs. Vertical
ones do come out fine. As you may already know, MS Chart documentation tends
to be crappy at best.  Am I missing something? Do I need a convoluted
combination of methods to force the graph to be shown sideways, or am I
missing some obscure property within the control?


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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