Oracle obstructs system shutdown!! 
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 Oracle obstructs system shutdown!!

I have come across a large problem. I don't know whether the solution (if
there is one) is either in VB or in Oracle.

The situation is that one of our customers requires our system to shut
itself down and re-boot the WinNT4 Workstation on which it resides at a
certain hour every day automatically, i.e. without the presence of a user.
Our system (developed in VB4E) runs in conjunction with Personal Oracle, and data is continuously analysed from the Db by the

The problem is that when we come to shut the system down we have
come accross several set-backs:

1.  If I force-shutdown the Oracle Db using (InitiateSystemShutdown("", "",
0, TRUE, TRUE)), I get an invalid page fault and the shutdown process
STALLS at the "Please wait while your computer shuts down" screen.

2.  The same thing happens if I use ExitWindowsEx(..).

3.  For Oracle shutdown there is a command ("OSTOP73.EXE") that will
shutdown the Db. However when I implement this (using
WaitForSingleObject(..) as I have to wait for the Db to shutdown before
proceding), I get a dialog box from Oracle stating that I obviously have
some active connections to the Db. The dialog box requires input whether I
want to abort the Db shutdown or rollback all the uncommited changes and

So, all of the above problems do not allow the system to re-boot by either
stalling the shutdown process (1 and 2 above), or requiring user input (3

Specifically, No.3 is the closest I have gotten to making the shutdown
process as clean as possible. But the user needs to be present which is
not always possible. So here are my three questions:

1.  Does anyone know how to bypass this dialog box?

2.  Does anyone know any parameters that I can pass to the shutdown
command, i.e. ("OSTOP73.EXE  IMMEDIATE")?

3.  Does anyone know if there are any SQL commands that shuts down
the Db, without getting the dialog box?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated as my PC is in danger of
accidentally dropping out of my window...  :-)

Thanks in advance,

Marius Grigoriu

(Remove "NoTrash.")

Fri, 02 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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