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 Visual Studio Installer 6

I'm trying to use VSI6 1.0 to distribute an app that is getting lots
of updates in the early stages. I am experiencing this behaviour,
which is not what I want:

1) I build and install v1.0.0.0, then build and install v1.0.1.0 with
the same upgrade ID and product ID, then install v1.0.1.0. I get the
option to repair or remove, but the repair reinstalls v1.0.0.0 (as
confirmed on the support hyperlink in the Win2k Add/Remove Programs

2) I build and install v2.0.0.0, then build and install v2.0.1.0 with
the same upgrade but a different product ID. Then I install v2.0.1.0.
This time I get the option for a fresh install. Afterwards, I have a
seperate Add/Remove Programs entry for each. Either will repair,
provided I didn't overwrite v2.0.0.0's msi file by deploying v2.0.1.0.

If I go with option (1), I have to unintstall the app before
installing each new update.

If I go with option (2), I have a seperate Add/Remove Programs entry
for each. Conceivable I could rename suffix each one SP1, SP2, etc,
but this will clog up Add/Remove Programs fast.

Ideally, I either want:

A) In scenario (1) the Repair on v1.0.1.0 actually repairs the app to
v1.0.1.0 not v1.0.0.0, or

B) In scenario (2) the fresh install of v2.0.1.0 actually uninstalls
v2.0.0.0 as part of the process.

Searching around on MSDN, I found some info that this behaviour is by
design, but with no explanation. I also found info suggesting that
product IDs and upgrade IDs are forward planning. I also found info
saying that scenario (2) should actually do an uninstall when the
product IDs are different. But all this doesn't quite tie up together.

So my questions are:

i) Is there any I get the behaviour I want using standard VSI6 1.0 or
1.1, or even by post-editing the msi file with ORCA? Or even will
InstallShield or Wise do this?

ii) Is there any explanation for the behaviour I am getting.

If the answers are obvious or I am doing this the wrong way - but I am
very new to Windows Installer so please be patient with me :)

Tue, 05 Apr 2005 04:06:51 GMT  
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