Changing Shutdown under Start Menu 
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 Changing Shutdown under Start Menu


I'm facing a need of modifying the Sutdown menu when user clicks start to
exit windows. What I did is I created a little app that shuts down windows
with additional initialization necessary for my company - all works and runs
beautiful when double-clicked. So next thing I did is to change policy to
remove standard Shutdown from the Start menu, then added a shortuct to Start
Menu with my app. But Windows seems to only allow me put shortcut at the TOP
of Start Menu above PROGRAMS folder or all other items for that matter! I
can find no way to actualy put it exactly where Shut Down normally is which
is at the bottom of the Start Menu!!! Does anybody know how to do this? Is
there an API call I can use to insert my shortuct exactly in there?

I also considered a possibility of intercepting a windows shutdown message
via an API call - which would solve this particuallar problem as I could
keep original shutdown, but as I tried it, I ran into several API related
problems. If anybody out there knows how to do that, I would certainly try
it again with some code samples.

Thanks Much!

Sun, 11 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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