transparent from in vb 6.0 sp3 under windows NT 4.0 
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 transparent from in vb 6.0 sp3 under windows NT 4.0

Hi fellowcoders,

I'm having difficulty making a form transparent.

I have recieved lot's of goodies that say they can make that possible.
But most of them just deleted the form without erasing the controls.

I want my form to be ontop of other forms, so when a person clicks on
something, my program gets the click and desides if it can happen or cancel
the click.
The same with keystrokes and all of that. So I would need a transparent form
to do that.

With functions like getinput you can never stop a key/click from being

The only thing that has come close is the function BitBit, but it doesn't
work well.

Do you have an answer or tips how to solve this???

Awaiting answer,

Steven de Vries   QES

Sun, 18 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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