RDO OCX won't load in design mode 
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 RDO OCX won't load in design mode


Wonder if someone's been down this route before.  I am working on a
project that is using the msrdc32.ocx and msrdo32.dll.  Everything seems
fine when I am designing onsite for the client.  

However, when I try to work offsite ( using VB4 Professional with the ocx
& dll registered by regsvr32 ) I cannot use the controls in design mode.
I appreciate that this MAY be due to the fact the these controls are part
of the Enterprise edition and therefore may require more than regsvr32 to

It's not too important as the work can be carried out onsite but I'm
intrigued to find out why the control wont operate!!



BTW I *do* expect that not having the enterprise edition is the main

Sat, 08 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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