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 Programming Job in New York City

Hello programmers,

We are looking for programmers in the New York City area to work on a
project building an intranet for a large corporation. This is not a full
time job, it will last only for the duration of the project. Programmers
must be present in New York City to work, we're not accepting long
distance programming. The purpose of this message is to gather resumes of
interested people. We obviously prefer to know how willing you are to
start work soon, though we will accept resumes of people who are
interested but not necessarily sure that they will be available. You do
not commit to anything by sending me your resume, we are at this stage
looking for interest and will contact you individually when we move to the
next stage.

Since we are bidding for the contract, we need to receive resumes as soon
as possible. Please e-mail me and attach your resume in any format (MS
Word preferred). Please include contact information including phone
numbers. Since I no doubt will receive many responses, I would prefer to
receive your resumes by e-mail instead of receiving URLs for reference. If
you want to send your resume in HTML, that is fine too.

Ok, and now on to the requirements. The following skills are needed for
the project. We need people with some of these requirements. Since we are
looking for multiple programmers, experience in all these is defenitely
not required.

- Understanding of Basic and advanced HTML.
- Ability to program in Visual Basic, Perl, and CGI.
- Ability to program in JavaScript, Java, and Active X.
- Knowledge of both Microsoft IIS and Netscape Web Servers.
- Knowledge of database technology.
- Knowledge of web and Lotus Notes interfacing / internotes product and
Domino releases.
- Graphics background for web design.
- Knowledge of web authoring tools.
- Knowledge of browser software for custimization - MS Explorer and
Navigator configuration parameters.

Send us your resumes if you are interested and have skills in any of the
above categories.

Thank you in advance,

Elam Birnbaum

Micro Madness / pixel Generation

Fri, 19 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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