VB COM Objects from a VB App 
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 VB COM Objects from a VB App

I am hoping you will be able to help me with a concept or 2. I am required
to write a client VB6 application (ie: an EXE) that sends & receives
messages to a website communicating with a COM object on that site over net.

On the site, I have registered my COM object with MTS (NT4), and in my VB
app I use CreateObject passing the IP Address as the second parameter. This
works fine as long as I am physically wired to the network - however, when I
try the same thing over a dial-up, it times out. Is it possible to use this
method - is it simply a case of user rights or settings in my VB app, or am
I barking up the wrong tree altogether? What other options are there for me
to use if this one cannot work? (I am considering using the WinSock
component and writing an APP on both sides - but it's not ideal)

Many thanks,

Felicity Gibbs

Mon, 02 Jun 2003 15:06:35 GMT  
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