Visual BASIC going beyond its mandate 
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 Visual BASIC going beyond its mandate

The problem with Visual Basic is that it was never meant (at least,
originally) by Microsoft to be an "application development environment" but
merely as a prototyping tool or for doing "{*filter*}" projects like in-house
customized database programs. My friend who worked on VB at Microsoft said
they were surprised by the popularity of the product and at how it was being
used. Ironically, while MS usually comes late to the field and then exploits
it by coming up with a cheaper/faster/more-commercially atune version (i.e.,
it lets Apple develop GUIs then MS comes out with Windows, Borland develops
inexpensive all-in-one development environments then MS follows suit), in
this case, MS came out with "Visual" environment for creating Windows apps
(of course they probably copied it from the NeXTStep development environment,
but that's another story), but they didn't go far enough with (that is,
the ability to create true-compiled ".exe" programs), Borland comes in later,
sees the weaknesses of VB and unleases Delphi, which has most everything
a visual-developer could ask for. Bill Gate's affinity for BASIC (since it's
the first and probably only software he did most of the work on) is somewhat
of an achilles heal for MS 'cuz it's not exactly the easiest, most powerful
language to build apps with, but they insist on using it anyway--so Borland
also has the advantage of being to choose whichever programming language is
best, and Object Pascal is one of the easiest to use, to read, to learn, and
one of the most powerful languages there is (check out studies on programming

vip M.

Fri, 17 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Visual BASIC going beyond its mandate


>The problem with Visual BASIC is that it was never meant (at least,
>originally) by Microsoft to be an "application development environment" but
>merely as a prototyping tool or for doing "{*filter*}" projects like in-house
>customized database programs.

Well, they were lucky.  It turned out to be a "quick and dirty" way to blast
out windows apps, which was a gaping hole waiting to be filled.  It had an
easy IDE, a famaliar syntax, and it was fast enough with the proper
controls.  It also turns out that, with some trouble, a programmer can use the
same language to build a real app in a quasi-OOP model.

It's good enough, it was available early, and it was from Microsoft.  Wham-
instant industry standard.


Sun, 26 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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