Bug in DeleteSetting function 
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 Bug in DeleteSetting function

Why does the following code not work??

This is in VB4 16 bit.

' Place some settings in an ini file
SaveSetting appname:="c:\MyApp.ini", section:="Startup", _
            Key:="Top", setting:=75
SaveSetting "c:\MyApp.ini", "Startup", "Left", 50

' Remove section and all its settings from the ini file
DeleteSetting "c:\MyApp.ini", "Startup"

The SaveSetting works fine when specifying a full path "c:\myapp.ini"
but the same parameter in the DeleteSetting will not take a drive and path.
The only thing I have found that does work is to not specify a path and
it defaults to the window directory or to do something like "..\myapp"
and it will find it in the root of c: drive.  

I would like to specify another drive letter.

Sun, 06 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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