Why won't my ActiveX Document Work? 
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 Why won't my ActiveX Document Work?

Hi I am trying to get a VB Active X Document to work on the intranet, but I
keep getting a 'Internet Explorer is trying to open a file of unknown type:
frmmain.vbd' error message.

I originally just used the CAB file that VB Setup Wizard created and that
was fine.  Now I am trying to use my own CAB file (as I don't want to have
to click Yes to 4 different CAB file installations, just the one) which is
a combination of all of them, but it won't work.

It doesn't matter if I rename it, recompile it, or whatever it just won't
work.  It does work on a few machines that I (by a fluke) got previous
versions to work on, but on machines that the previous versions didn't work
on the latest version won't work either.  Even when I changed the names of
the DLL, forms, HTM page, etc it still won't work on these machines.  What
is going on?

Also, I tried resorting back to the VB Apllication Setup Wizard version,
and now THAT won't work on these machines either!!!

Caleb Joliffe
(Datsun 180B SSS (DE))


Mon, 08 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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