Oh Little Town of DEATHlehem! 
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 Oh Little Town of DEATHlehem!

On Sat, 13 Apr 2002 21:46:28 GMT, Swan & Rat


>BZ gas? Whazzat?


It's a anticholinergic, like datura, benadryl, or
dramamine. Having sampled the last two myself, I can
best describe the anticholinergic mindstate as staying
awake for several months. Horrible drymouth, auditory
hallucinations (voices in my head), visual
hallucinations (I see the camel spider on the wall),
tactile hallucinations (I feel the camel spider on my
face), muscle spasms, delusions, and the Bad Feeling,
which I won't even try to describe. If BZ is anything
like that stuff, it beats cough syrup for the official
AT psychoactive by far.

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