Beginner needs help to multiselect files for archiving All help appreciated. 
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 Beginner needs help to multiselect files for archiving All help appreciated.

>   Have just started out programming and have set myself a project to
> use DOS archiving through the Shell command.I have a little experience
> with QBasic. All goes well except for the fact that I cannot seem to
> understand the methods needed to be able to multiselect files with
> their paths for input to the shell command line.At the moment I can
> only archive 1 file or all files in a dir, no number inbetween.The

Hi Steve,

From your description, I am not too sure what you mean by
'multi-select'.  Do you mean via the keyboard?  If so, then hold down
the CTrl key while clicking on directory entries to achieve a
multi-select effect.


Sat, 05 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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