How big is a big vb-exe 
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 How big is a big vb-exe

Can anyone tell at which size of an VB exe-file I can expect problems and
what kind of
problems. The following are some facts.
-Windows 3.1 and above
-Rather small amount of code and large amount of 'windows'
-I do expect to get the size 3 - 5 MB for the exe-file
-The user will just use a small amount of the total program at a time.
To understand more I would also appreciate information about things like
-Is the exe-file loaded from disk a module at a time or the whole file
 at once?
-How much larger is the memory needs than one would expect from the
 exe-file because of dynamic memory allocation by the run-time system?
-Can the run-time system release a module when a form is unloaded?

Mon, 28 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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