Mouse events causing overflow error? 
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 Mouse events causing overflow error?

Has anyone experienced this problem?  I'm running my VB 4.0 application
which makes frequent calls to routines in a DLL (written in C).  The
calls to these routines can take a few minutes to complete.  On some of
the longer calls, I get this VB error message:

          run-time error'6'

An example of what I am doing is listed below.  When my long-running DLL
routine is running, my application is still processing the
Form_MouseMove events.  When the DLL routine is done, I press the left
button and begin to move the mouse, and then I immediately get the above
mentioned error.  When I press the "debug" button on the Error dialog
box, it seems to point to the "(xold - x) > 0!" statement in my
Form_MouseMove() routine.  Checking the values of xold and x show no
sign of overflow.

What gives?  xold, yold, x and y are all single variables, so I don't
see any  possible overflow problems.  I don't want to disable the form
input to prevent the mouse input during the DLL routine execution.... is
there a way to turn off mouseMove events to the form window?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,


dim xold as single, yold as single

private sub button1_click ( )


  ' This DLL routine takes a few minutes to finish

  call Takes_a_long_time_routine

end sub


Private Sub Form_MouseMove (Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As
Single, y As Single)

  If Button = 1 Then
       If ((xold - x) > 0!) Then
           Call G_view_rotate_X_axis(5#)
           Call G_view_rotate_X_axis(-5#)
       End If

       If ((yold - y) > 0!) Then
           Call G_view_rotate_Y_axis(5#)
           Call G_view_rotate_Y_axis(-5#)
       End If
    End If

  xold = x
  yold = y

  Call OGL_window_paint

End Sub

Sun, 27 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Mouse events causing overflow error?

>Has anyone experienced this problem?


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