VB6 - file list box / drive box question - resolving network paths and computer names 
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 VB6 - file list box / drive box question - resolving network paths and computer names

  Ive run into a problem Im not sure how to solve without using a common dialog box which I dont
want to use in this particular instance.  The problem is this:
        I have a DriveListBox and DirListBox in a form which work retrieve the drive and directory
for me from the user.  THe part that makes it a bit tougher is that a person may access this
locally or across the network.  The data is then put into a script to automate part of the overall
project.  Typically the user from across the network will access and choose what to use but the
actual automation will be run locally.  Therefore the mapped drives will be different.  Is there a
way I can use both of those controls and retrieve the proper computer name and shared drive like:
                        instead of d:\temp\data
                        I would like : \\evtd04\d\temp\data

and if I use that second path, when it runs locally will windows realize that it is local and not
try to go over the network (this path will contain large files like 100 megs in size)

appreciate any help,

Mon, 02 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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