Starting Dial-Up network connection from VB ??? 
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 Starting Dial-Up network connection from VB ???

From VB5 Enterprise, I am trying to set up an un-attended dial up using one
of my Dial Up Networking profiles (not my default internet dial up one) to
call another PC (which has dial-up server) and send it a text file.

Sounds simple and it probably is but I am probably going about it the wrong

I have placed the Winsock Active X on a form and called WINSOCK1.CONNECT.

The first time I run it, it opens up the dial-up networking profile for my
internet access.  I then have to confirm the 'OK' to connect.

I have monitored the WINSOCK1.STATE and it constantly sits on "Resolving
Host" and then Errors (State 9) when the connection occurs.

Each subsequent execution of the program fails to even open up the dial up
networking window despite doing WINSOCK1.CLOSE

Is there any way that you know of that I can initiate a dial-up networking
session that isn't the default internet one but a profile that does exist
locally, and that requires no user input (ie pressing OK and confirming
passwords etc) even if it has to be crude by using SENDKEYS ????

Any help / code listings / pointers / hints would be GREATLY appreciated.


Steve Butler


I would be grateful if any replies come via E-Mail since it is rather
time-consuming (and expensive on the phone bill) to scan the newsgroup - I
have just spent 3 hours going through EVERY article here !!!

Thanks again for any assistance.

Mon, 24 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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