Problem with 3D-fonts in 3D-panels 
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 Problem with 3D-fonts in 3D-panels

I am working on an application in VB 3.0 pro, and several places
in then program I use 3D-panels. The font3D-property is set to
3 (Inset w/light shading), and everything looks fine on my screen
at home.  I sent the program to a friend of mine for testing,
and he tells me that the 3D-effect in the fonts doesnt appear
on his machine. Instead the fonts look diffuse and almost
unreadable, with some strange white shading in them. The other
3D-effekts in the panels works OK, but the same problem appears
when it comes to the fonts in then 3D option-boxes.  The version
of the Threed.vbx in his system-directory is correct, and the
actual font used is MS Sans Serif.

I have searched the helpfiles/FAQ/knowledgebase for this problem,
but no luck.  Can someone please help me out?  

Fri, 05 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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