VB5 Setup Wizard - internet download setup 
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 VB5 Setup Wizard - internet download setup

Does anyone know if the Authenticode 2.0 update could have
possibly affected the way Internet explorer handles the ActiveX

Previously my application ran fine.  It consists of 3 userdocuments.
The first provides a search, then after results are displayed the
user can select an item and view it in detail.  Using Hyperlink.navigateto
the next userdocument would load up into the SAME browser.  Since
upgrading to Authenticode 2.0, Hyperlink.navigateto "yada yada" will
cause a new browser to load up with the next document.

Is authenticode 2.0 the culprit?
Is there a way to force the browser to
use the same window (in VB code)?

Any help would be wonderful.

Mike Bouchard

Mon, 24 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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