Failure to Write a Random File record 
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 Failure to Write a Random File record

On a few user's machines (W95 & 98) there has been
an occasional failure to write the last of several
records during my VB3 exe's "Save" procedure.
That procedure formats & saves three or more records
that the user has created. For example, if the records
to be saved in the random access file are
ABC     123       crlf
DEF     456       crlf
GHI     789       crlf
the first two will be written correctly but
the third is not written at all.
Normally, (99.99% of the time) all three are
correctly written.

Could this effect be due to Windows' Write-back
feature? As I understand it, this feature holds data
in RAM & writes it to disk when there is idle time.
Does anyone have experience with turning this feature
Could bad memory, bad disk sectors or power fluctuations
cause the data loss?


Wed, 01 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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