DDE Runtime error 282 on VB4 
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 DDE Runtime error 282 on VB4

Hello all,

I met a problem about VB4 that I can place more than five delcare for DDE cold link
such as
TxtField(1).LinkTopic = "Excel|Test.xls"
TxtField(1).LinkItem = "R1C1"
TxtField(6).LinkTopic = "Excel|Test.xls"
TxtField(6).LinkItem = "R1C6"

When the number is less than or equal to 5. That would be OK.
In case that the number of Delcare exceed 5 I will get a
"Runtime Error 282 No foreign application responsed to a DDE initiate"
while the DDE server (Excel) is still running and also it ran before my VB4 application.

If anyone know about this please post or e-mail to me


Mon, 05 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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