scriptcontrol error messages don't say what function they are in 
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 scriptcontrol error messages don't say what function they are in

I am working with the MS script control in VB.  The problem I find is
that when I load a function that calls another function in the script
control, and a run-time error occurs in one of them, the script
control cannot tell the user which function had the error.
In other words, suppose I have
sub CallOther()
   Call Other()
End Sub

Sub Other()
  x = 5 / 0
end sub

There is a run time error in "other" but the scriptcontrol cannot tell
the user that.  All the script control can do is say that there was an
error, and give the type of the error, but it cannot tell which
function had the error.
Does anybody know a work-around?
Marvin Cohen

Mon, 03 Jan 2005 20:51:22 GMT  
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