Help - Runtime Error 3426 
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 Help - Runtime Error 3426

I created a VB Program linking to an Access database table.  Within the program,
I created a combo box that brings up a list of names.  When I choose these names
I get an error message:  RUNTIME ERROR 3426 - THE ACTION WAS CANCELLED BY AN

When running the program, I want a blank screen, example - The name line and
customer number would be blank.  In order to get to a blank screen, I set the
following commands:  

I have completed at least 3 forms using almost the same code, but for some
reason the error 3426 is appearing only for this form.  I think the problem is
trying to get to the EOF using the movelast, movenext statements.

1.  Does anyone have any idea why I am getting an error message?
2.  If anyone has any ideas to get to a blank screen, I am open to suggestions.

TIA for any help!


Tue, 20 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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