Korean Windows 98/95 and lot's of trouble 
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 Korean Windows 98/95 and lot's of trouble

        I got a strange error when I try to install my program on
korean version of Windows (interfeace is in english, of course). First
of all I have the same computer. After installing english OSR2,
everything work correctly (I install DCOM98, MDAC, and app)
Then, after reformating disk, I put korean windows, and... DCOM98/MDAC
don't generate any trouble (I could connect to SQL etc), but
instalation program (InstallShield Prof. 5.5) said, that he could not
selfreg some files ???
After running app, databinding don't work.
Tomasz Kopacz

Wed, 10 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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