Using Frames containing option buttons as control arrays 
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 Using Frames containing option buttons as control arrays

Hope someone can make suggestions on how to sucessfully use Frames
containing option buttons, as control arrays.  The control array Frames
all appear but the option buttons appear only in the original Frame.  

Dim I As Integer

For I = 0 To 15
 If I > 0 Then
  Load Frame4(I)
  Load optDisplay(I)
  Load optRecord(I)
 End If
 Frame4(I).Visible = True
 optDisplay(I).Visible = True
 optRecord(I).Visible = True
 Frame4(I).Top = Frame4(0).Top + (I* Frame4(0).Height)
 optDisplay(I).Top = optDisplay(0).Top + (I * optDisplay(0).Height)
 optRecord(I).Top = optRecord(0).Top + (I * optRecord(0).Height)
Next I

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Mon, 10 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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