Printer.PaintPicture Problem 
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 Printer.PaintPicture Problem

I'm trying to PaintPicture on a printer a clipped part of another picture
(held in a hidden picturebox with autoredraw=true)

Since PaintPicture wants all mesures to be given in the destination units, I've setted the printer and the picturebox
scalemode property to vbPixels, but that wasn't of any help.

The Printer.PaintPicture method seems to simply ignore the ScaleMode of both the Printer and the picturebox. It
understands my mesures in a weird units I don't know anything of. I know they are way smaller than twips, but I realy
needs help to figure what they are.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My printout worth nothing without that picture.

I've try to clip the part I what from the original picture to another picturebox and then pasting all that clipped
picture to the printer.

Printer.PaintPicture TheTmpPictureBox.picture, DestLeft, Dest Top, DestWidth, DestHeight

This way a don't have to deal with the unit conversion problem sinve Vb Gets all the source picture by default the
picture allready cliped)

But the picture seems to be destroyed in the process and I get  a bad error
        Invalid Picture!

This one realy goes over me.

Please Help me!

Thu, 07 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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