Listview problem - Setting the current line to display 
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 Listview problem - Setting the current line to display

I am having trouble making sure that the line in the listview I want to make
see is visible. I have been using .EnsureVisible to try and get the line I
want to be displayed.  However if there is more than one screen of data and
I want the last item to be displayed i.e. lastedit=total_prcess, the last
item appears just below the bottom of the visible part of the listview.

Is there a way of forcing the complete line to be visible?

I have put the code for comments below.

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    Dim si                 As ListSubItem
    Dim li                  As ListItem
' update display
    For i = 1 To total_process
' set colour
        fore_colour = BLACK
' if process less than 6sigma then make red and count
        If scorecard(i).hitter > 0 Then fore_colour = RED
' if excluded then show as green
        If scorecard(i).exclude > 0 Then fore_colour = GREEN
' last change item show in blue
        If i = lastedit Then fore_colour = BLUE
' add item number
        Set li = Form1.ListView1.ListItems.Add(Text:=Format(i,
        li.ForeColor = fore_colour
' add operation
        Set si = li.ListSubItems.Add(Text:=default_operations(process_id,
        si.ForeColor = fore_colour
' add grade
        msg = default_grades(grade_id)
        Set si = li.ListSubItems.Add(Text:=msg)
        si.ForeColor = fore_colour
' add number off
        Set si = li.ListSubItems.Add(Text:=scorecard(i).ofd)
        si.ForeColor = fore_colour
' make sure last change is visible,  if delete has been user then lastedit
will be negative
        If i = Abs(lastedit) Then li.EnsureVisible

Sun, 07 Aug 2005 00:05:57 GMT  
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