calling a C++ compiled program from within MSIE using ActiveX control 
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 calling a C++ compiled program from within MSIE using ActiveX control

We are working on a CD that will contain MSIE compatible html files and
an existing application

We are interested in calling a C++ compiled program from within MSIE
using ActiveX control. We do not wish to modify the existing compiled
program in anyway, but rather call it...

The ActiveX control that I created (which uses shell command) runs
Calculator and other MS products, but not this particular program...

A Visual Basic executable (with shell command) does run our program, but
when I convert it to an ActiveX control, it gives error "File not
found", shading the area of the control on MSIE.

I know that if the program were written in VB, it would be possible to
convert the application to a vbd file and read from within MSIE... But
this is a program written in C++.

Any help would be appreciated...

Thank you in advance...
Gurdal Ertek

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