Set the DatabaseName Property using no path 
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 Set the DatabaseName Property using no path

I am using a number of standard data controls to bind DBCombo boxes to
fields and have them filled with the list of data. This all works fine
except that I have browsed to the database with the data control for
the DatabaseName property and again I want to get around having the
database in the specified path.
How can I set the DatabaseName property using no path?
How can I use SQL to select only required data when the RecordSource
has been bound to tables for these DBCombo boxes? - I have tried
putting the SQL in the RecordSource property but this falls over with
required parameter or something. So to get these to work I have bound
the controls to the tables and put the SQL in DBCombo_Click as below:-

Private Sub ADD1_Store_Click(Area As Integer)
Data1.RecordSource = "SELECT STORE.Store_Code FROM STORE WHERE
End Sub

But although the records come back from the table (all records), the
SQL does not refine the search???

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Sat, 29 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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