Q: Getting the desktop window's handle (GetDesktopWindow ain't cutting it) 
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 Q: Getting the desktop window's handle (GetDesktopWindow ain't cutting it)

Does anyone know how to retrieve the handle of the desktop window
where the icons are placed?  

I did try using GetDesktopWindow() to get the handle, but it returns a
different handle then the particular one I'm looking for.  In my
desperation, I even tried looking at the returned handle's parents and
children, hoping on hitting the correct window.  All to no avail
(sniff, sniff).

I'm attempting to put a form on the background, and have been able to
do it manually if I use the currect handle, but till I can get that
handle progmatically, being able to do it isn't going to do me much
good :).  Any help would be appreciated.


Sun, 30 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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