VB6 app has memory leak after installing IE 6.0 (installation was custom made) 
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 VB6 app has memory leak after installing IE 6.0 (installation was custom made)

We got a custom installation of IE 6.0 on our users desktop. All files
updated in windows now have current dates. Very funny!

We have 2 applications with flexgrids and after populating them with
thousands of records memory leaks happen. Before with IE 5.0 it was fine.

Today we looked at the problem more. We compared dlls and ocxs directly
refered by VB. We looked at 2 machines: one upgraded with IE 6.0 and the
other for which the upgrade was not done Our vb app works fine with the
one that was not upgraded with IE 6. there was no real differences.

We got an email from the people who built the IE 6.0 custom installtion tool
and lots of files form their upgrade file list have been updated at the ado
ole levels of windows.

Now what happens! I will describe you the problem we get in two vb exes.
These two exes made in vb has one main flexgrid. we populate that grid with
data. Nothing is bounded. After 15000 thousands records the interface starts
to be bizarre because the memory is full. Without IE 6.0 nothing of that
would happen!

Tomorrow I will investigate more. Actually we have some functions that we
pass the flexgrid variable by reference. But it worked before. I will start
to remove these parameters because the functions are local to the form
containing the grid anyways.

If you think about something else I should check let me know. But the most
amazing even with bad programming practices everything was fine.

Mon, 02 May 2005 08:23:06 GMT  
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