Callbacks to populate listview control on demand 
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 Callbacks to populate listview control on demand


A while back a post mentioned that the listview control can be used in a
"virtual mode":


> The ListView can work in 'virtual' mode, using a callback to populate. This
> means the ListView will call a routine to ask for the data. The data is not
> stored in the ListView. You will need to use LVS_OWNERDATA as the style upon
> creating the control. It will send a notificationmessage LVN_GETDISPINFO to
> the callback you provide. You will need to react by providing the data
> requested. Problem is: I don't know how it works exactly, I only know that
> it is possible.

I need to fill a listview in report mode with large number of listitems, and
would like to the above method before I am forced to cache the records and only
retrieve a viewful at a time in response to a separate scroll bar event
doesn't have a scroll event in VB5).
Does anybody have any ideas where I could find out how to do this?
Any suggestions would be a great help.

BTW I'm using VB5 enterprise edition with service pack 3, target machines are
running NT4.


Fri, 27 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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