A Binary Data Type Question 
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 A Binary Data Type Question

1. In a VB4.0 application, I read status data from a machine. A
(third party) control (called WinSECS from FastTech) is used to read
the status. As far as I can tell, the variable is typed as binary. [I
don't understand the details of this control well. It is possible
that I could be wrong on this.]

2. The application has the following statement:

If (gwsSecsTransaction.Secondary.Item("EAC") = 0) Then

3. When I run with a simulator, the data byte for EAC has 32 as the
value. (The simulator sends this value.) This does NOT cause the above
statement any problems.

4. When I run with the actual machine, the data byte for EAC has 02 as
the value. I get a Type Mismatch in the above statement.

5. I am wondering whether someone can explain what is going on. I
noticed that binary values are stored as Byte data type. Why should
Case (a) have a problem but not Case (b) (below) ?

(a) Comparing Hex 02 with 0

(b) Comparing Hex 32 with 0

6. Is the constant 0 in the If statement binary, integer, or string ?

7. The following test segement does not get a Type Mismatch error:

  Dim bytTest as Byte
  bytTest = 2
  If (bytTest = 2) Then
  End If

8. I do realize that the following conversion functions are available:


9. If possible, please e-mail copies of replies to

10. Thanks.

comparing Hex 02 with 0 cause a problem but not

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