Trying to install VB5 Pro over Enterprise edition 
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 Trying to install VB5 Pro over Enterprise edition

Until recently I worked for a company that provided me with VB5
Enterprise Edition on my PC. I now work for another company and have
therefore purchased my own copy of VB5 Pro, which I want to install
over the top of the Enterprise Edition. This, BTW, on Windows 95.

First I just did a straight install-by-the-book. VB setup asked did I
want to replace the existing copy of VB blah blah etc. Yes, I said.
After it had finished, I re-implemented SP3.

Fired up VB - it's installed the Pro edition all right, but the splash
screen still says "Enterprise Edition". Uninstalled VB5 completely,
then reinstalled Pro.

Still says "Enterprise Edition".

What the heck can I do to get the splash screen to say "Professional
Edition"? It's making me ill!


Fri, 30 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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