Resizing a Rich Text Box and a List Box 
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 Resizing a Rich Text Box and a List Box

  I'm using VB4 Prof. I have a form with a Rich Text Box, and a List
Box on a form.

  I want the Rich Text Box to occupy the top 3/4 of the form, and the
List Box to occupy the bottom 1/4 of the form,

  When the form is resized, I call this Resize procedure.

Private Sub Resize()
  rtbmskb.Top = 10
  rtbmskb.Left = 10
  rtbmskb.Width = frmmskb.Width - 100
  rtbmskb.Height = frmmskb.Height * 0.75
  lbIndex.Left = 10
  lbIndex.Width = frmmskb.Width - 100
  lbIndex.Top = rtbmskb.Top + rtbmskb.Height + 10
  lbIndex.Height = frmmskb.Height * 0.19
End Sub

  This sort of works, but the List Box vertical scroll bar just
doesn't line up properly, that is, the bottom arrow sometimes doesn't
show up, or partially shows up, when the form is resized.

  I doubt that I have the proper calculations in my routine for this
to work perfectly, but look forward to constructive solutions from you



Fri, 08 Oct 2004 02:32:46 GMT  
 Resizing a Rich Text Box and a List Box

A form's "height" and "Width" properties refer to its "outside" height and
width; for its "inside" dimensions use "ScaleHeight" and "ScaleWidth".


Dim lTop As Long

lTop = 10
With rtbFoo
    .Move 10, lTop, Me.ScaleWidth-20, Me.ScaleHeight * 0.75
    lTop = lTop + .Height
End With

lbFoo.Move 10, lTop, Me.ScaleWidth-20, Me.ScaleHeight - lTop


Sun, 10 Oct 2004 03:43:55 GMT  
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