DCOM, Remote Automation Setup (VB Bug: AutPrx32.dll???) 
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 DCOM, Remote Automation Setup (VB Bug: AutPrx32.dll???)


Hello all.  I'm trying to work through an example in "Distributed COM" (Jim
Maloney, Chapter 11, pub-Prentice Hall).   The project works fine in the
design environment.  It also works when compiled and run on one machine.
The next step is to create a dependency file and setup files for the client
& server.  Setup indicates that I'm missing the following files:
autprx32.dll, autmgr32.dll, racmgr32.dll, clireg32.exe.  None of these files
are on my system.  According to MS "Autprx32.dll is needed for remote
automation only, not DCOM."  MS's resolution is to remove AutPrx32.dll from
the Included files, but the wizard never gives me the option.  I've worked
through the example a few times and tried using the source code on the
included CDROM but always get the same errors.  Any ideas as to what I'm
missing?  I'm running VB6,SPIII on Win2000.  Many thanks for any ideas or
answers, I'm boggled.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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