I've lost my Beep 
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 I've lost my Beep

If you have a soundcard installed Win95 will usually try to use it to do
any sounds.  You might have it installed improperly or not have your
speakers hooked up or something.  Take a look at the Sounds folder in
Control Panel, also.  Best I can recall, "Default Sound" is the fill-in for
the old beep.  If you can't play and hear that, that's why you don't hear a
beep.  If you can, I don't know!

> My "Beep" command works fine in QBasic, but I can't get
> my beep to work in Visual Basic (3.0, under Windows 95).
> Can someone help me get my beep back?

Mon, 01 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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